NDWA Peer to Peer Text Team!

We’re building a BIG text team that will send millions of texts to voters - primarily women of color - to remind them to vote, be engaged and be part of changing our communities.

Being part of our team is being part of a community of nannies, house cleaners and care workers using our computers and phones to text voters, from the comfort of your home but in solidarity with each other. You can text for as little as a few hours to as much as full days! It’s easy, fun & a great way to learn skills that can shape and grow our organizing into the future.

To be part of the civic engagement text team, you’ll need to complete the following:

  • Attend our upcoming video call on October 1st to learn more about why civic engagement matters so much for our work and our lives, and what we’re doing together to take action during this important election season. RSVP here! If you’re not able to participate in the call, watch the video afterwards, which will be available here.
  • Click here to fill out the form to let us know that you want to join the team!
  • Join a ThruText training to learn how to do peer to peer texting on Fridays at 2 PM ET by RSVPing here OR read our awesome peer to peer manual.
  • Participate in our Facebook group for members of our texting team. In the group, you’ll be able to meet other domestic workers who are texting, get support & have fun turning out the vote! It’s also where you will receive instructions from NDWA about how to get started. We’ll set you up with the list of people you will be texting.