Labor Trafficking: U Visa

What is the U Visa? A temporary visa that allows victims of crime to live and work in the United […]

Labor Trafficking: T Visa

What is the T Visa? A temporary visa that allows victims of human trafficking to live and work in the […]

Labor Trafficking: Au Pairs

Approximately 13,000 au pairs come to the United States from around the world each year. Au pairs are between the […]

Labor Trafficking: A3 and G5 Visas

If your employer is physically or sexually abusing you, holding your documents or passport, threatening you or your family members, […]

Labor Trafficking: Identifying Domestic Worker Survivors of Trafficking

This screening tool is designed to: 1) help identify domestic worker human trafficking survivors, 2) provide basic information about the […]

Step Forward: An online immigrant rights resource for women, sponsored by NDWA

Every day we hear news with more threats against immigrants in the US. As community members and advocates we can […]