Our government is avoiding addressing the problems we’re facing, even though the work we do is essential: keeping homes clean and caring for children, the elderly and people with disabilities. Our communities are under attack from the pandemic, police brutality, lack of jobs and resources, and there’s been limited support for us and our families from our elected representatives.

This has to change. We call for relief and support for all nannies, house cleaners and care workers. To achieve this, we need Congress to do its job by passing legislation that would support domestic workers, like the HEROES act.

The HEROES Act would provide some of the essential support we need – but the Senate refuses to even consider this bill while our communities struggle.

We demand that the Senate #DoItsJob and pass the bill – and if you agree, add your name below!

Dear Politician,

Across our country, people are marching in the streets with a clear demand for change. We are calling for policies that protect the lives and safety of Black people and invest in our communities. Black, Indigenous, Latinx, AAPI and white nannies, house cleaners and care workers have organized for the safety of our communities, for jobs with dignity and respect, and are now continuing to share a powerful vision for a better future:

A living wage and paid time off for every domestic worker. The ability to afford housing, put food on the table, and work safely. This is our vision for investing in care.

I am calling on you to make this vision a reality by funding bold and far-reaching investments that provide much needed relief from coronavirus to domestic workers. Specifically, I call on you to pass legislation that includes:

  • Ongoing cash assistance that is inclusive of all working families regardless of citizenship status
  • Premium pay for all domestic workers who are risking their safety to leave their homes and provide care
  • Rent and mortgage cancellation and other funding for affordable housing

Together we can create the world we seek by investing in what truly keeps our communities safe: the care that we all need.




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