Tips for housecleaners

(and anyone who does housecleaning as part of their work)

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The coronavirus can survive for multiple days on some surfaces. There are important things that housecleaners can do to stop the spread of the virus. These include:

  1. Ask that your employer inform you if anyone in the home has any flu-like symptoms or may have been exposed to someone who has, and wait to reschedule cleanings until after a doctor has cleared that person for contact with others.
  2. All adults who will be in the home while the work is being performed should wear a cloth or disposable surgical mask if they will be in close contact.
  3. Perform routine cleaning on all frequently touched surfaces. Then, to disinfect these surfaces, consult this list of disinfectant products that can destroy coronavirus: Note that bleach-based products can cause or exacerbate asthma, so if possible, look for products that use hydrogen peroxide instead.
  4. Ask your employer to provide non-latex disposable gloves, such as nitrile gloves, for you to use.
  5. Wash your hands thoroughly while cleaning and before leaving your job.
  6. Make sure to follow these safety precautions when using cleaning chemicals:
    • Follow the instructions on product labels exactly.
    • Provide good ventilation by opening windows or doors.
    • Never mix cleaning products together or use one product on top of another.
    • Avoid spraying chemicals into the air or spraying to surfaces. It’s better to spray into a cloth and then wipe the surface.
  7. Avoid carrying cleaning supplies between homes in order to prevent the transfer of germs from one home to the next, and change your clothes when you return home from work.

**NOTE and disclaimer: NDWA is not a healthcare or legal services provider. These resources should not be considered legal or health advice. If you or someone in your family begins to experience symptoms of coronavirus, call your healthcare provider directly.