Coronavirus Care Fund

Information for applicants and potential applicants

What is the Coronavirus Care Fund?

The Coronavirus Care Fund was established by the National Domestic Workers Alliance to provide emergency assistance for home care workers, nannies and house cleaners to support them in staying safe and staying home to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and to care for themselves and their families. 

What assistance does the Fund provide?

Domestic workers who qualify, and whose applications are approved, can access $400 in emergency assistance that will be mailed to them as a Visa gift card that they can use just like a credit card to buy things in person or online, wherever credit cards are accepted. This emergency assistance is to be used for reasonable and necessary personal, family and living expenses incurred as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, including–but not limited to– preventive health equipment and medical care. 

Who qualifies to get assistance from the Fund?

At this time, the Coronavirus Care Fund application is only open to domestic workers who are participants in activities of the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), NDWA chapters, affiliate organizations, and circles or who were NDWA dues-paying members or Alia users prior to March 16, 2020. If you are in one of these categories, you will need to get a code from your local organizer or from NDWA or Alia staff to be able to apply for assistance. This code is just for your use and cannot be used by others. If you have already received your code and would like to apply for assistance, you can start your application now.

I need help with my application! Is there someone I can call?

If you need help at any point during the application, please contact Coronavirus Care Fund Customer Service at (888) 316-0797.

I am self employed, cleaning houses for different people. Can I still apply for assistance from the Fund? 

Yes! As long as you are a nanny, housecleaner, or homecare worker and you meet the other criteria you can apply for assistance. 

I don’t have a social security number. Can I still apply for assistance from the Fund? 

Yes! You will not be asked to provide a social security number to apply for assistance. 

What if I’m undocumented? Can I still apply for assistance from the Fund? 

Yes! You will not be asked any questions about your immigration status. 

Is assistance provided through the Fund considered taxable income?

No, it is considered a charitable donation.

If I receive assistance from the Fund will that negatively impact my immigration process or future Green Card application?

No, assistance from the Fund is considered a charitable gift. It is not considered government assistance and is NOT included in the list of programs or public benefits that US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) considers when they are evaluating Green Card applicants under the “Public Charge” rule. In addition, USCIS has announced that coronavirus testing, prevention, and treatment will NOT be used against immigrants in a public charge test.

I applied. Does that mean my application will definitely be accepted? How and when will I find out?

While NDWA would like to provide funding to everyone who applies, the fund is limited based on the amount of funds raised and number of applications received. You will receive a message by text or email notifying you if your application has been approved. Please be patient because we are receiving a high volume of applications. We will do our best to notify you within one week of applying to let you know whether or not your application has been approved.

I received a message that my application is approved. How soon will I receive my gift card?

When you receive an approval message, you must click on the link in that message to confirm your address and accept the assistance. After address verification, your card should arrive at your address within 2-3 weeks. This timeline might vary given Coronavirus-related delays in USPS service.

Is the gift card the only way I can receive assistance? Can the money be sent electronically? 

Currently receiving the gift card in the mail is the only way to receive assistance. We’re exploring ways to send funds electronically as a second option and will update the application if that becomes available. 

Can I receive assistance from the Fund more than one time? 

At the moment, we are receiving a high volume of applications and will be prioritizing first time qualifying applications. We want to make sure that assistance reaches everyone who needs it. If funds allow, in the future we may be able to invite domestic workers who have already received assistance to apply a second time. 

My employer wants me to keep coming in to work, but I know we’re all being told to stay home. I can’t afford to lose the income. What should I do?  

The most important thing we can all do right now to slow the spread of coronavirus is to practice “social distancing,” which means maintaining a safe distance between ourselves and others, and staying home as much as possible. We hope that domestic workers will be able to stay home to care for themselves and their families, and to slow the spread of the virus. And we hope that the Fund can assist you in doing that. However, we know that for many domestic workers, staying home from work may not be an option. If you do need to continue working, NDWA has compiled these resources just for domestic workers about coronavirus to help you stay safe on the job, including tips for talking with your employer about paid time off and other ways they can support you to stay safe.