NDWA Worker Newsletter
Winter 2021

A Year-End Message from our Director, Ai-jen Poo

2021 was a year of telling our stories, a year of organizing, and most importantly, a year where we saw the care revolution grow. Domestic workers like you–together with our supporters– worked tirelessly and we are now one major step closer to an economy that values domestic workers, care workers, and the people who are in need of the essential work that you do – that means all of us!

In 2021, our communities were still struggling with the impacts of the pandemic. Despite this, our movement accomplished so much. Watch our recap video to get inspired about all we have done together in 2021, and to get fired up to win big in 2022!

We have A LOT to do in 2022, but our focus for the year is clear — organize and win. Domestic workers like you are leading the way, with your vision, your actions and your leadership. I look forward to working together with you to keep building power in new and transformative ways.

This is our time! While it is not going to be easy on any front, it is our moment to make history for domestic workers and make real progress toward our mission. I feel confident that, with the leadership of thousands of domestic workers like you, together we will meet the moment!

With deep gratitude,

Ai-jen Poo, Executive Director
National Domestic Workers Alliance