The minimum wage in New York State is $9.70 an hour as of December 31, 2016. If you work in the counties of Long Island and Westchester the minimum wage is $10.00 and hour. If you work in New York City the minimum wage is $10.50 and hour for most domestic workers (workplaces with 10 or less employees). The minimum wage will increase gradually to $15.00 an hour, depending on the location of employment and size of employer (see chart below). Domestic workers in New York won the passage of the first ever Domestic Worker Bill of Rights in 2010, so all domestic workers, except for part-time babysitters employed on a casual basis (refers to workers who do child care on an irregular basis and not for a living), are entitled to earn at least the state minimum wage. This includes home care workers, companions, and live-in domestic workers.


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