Care Concepts and Conflict Resolution

Being a good direct care worker requires a blend of knowledge, attitudes, and skills. The combination of the three create […]

Consumer Nutrition and Meal Preparation

Direct care workers may be responsible for many aspects of our clients’ diets. We may be asked to go food […]

Body Mechanics, Mobility Aids and Ambulation Devices

Direct care workers need to use proper body mechanics whenever lifting objects or transferring people. The responsibilities of a direct […]

Types and Signs of Elder Abuse and How to Report It

As people age they become more vulnerable to being abused. This is because older adults often are dependent on others […]

Impact of Aging on the Body Systems

In the U.S., the segment of seniors in the population will get much larger over the next ten years as […]

Causes, Signs and Implications of Isolation in Older Adults, and Strategies to Combat It

Many of the older adults that care workers support are at a higher risk of social isolation than other groups. […]

Safety Basics: Germs, Infection and Emergency Situations

Direct care workers help make the home a safe place and can be the consumer’s life saver in emergency situations. […]