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Your NDWA Member Benefits

— Updated Oct 14, 2020 —

Vision Discounts

EyeMed through our friends at UnionPlus gives you choices—and lots of them. And with access to a vast network of independent eye doctors and popular retailers, it’s easy to book an exam and use your discount. Click here to download your insurance card, which contains important information on how you can use your vision discounts at your local retailers.

Prescription Discounts

This benefit is offered by our friends at Union Plus and offers discounts on important prescriptions. Click here to access your card for this benefit or call 844-254-3099 if you prefer to talk to someone on the phone. Please state you are calling for the Union Plus Program 2

Life Insurance

Group Life insurance offers protection for your family and peace of mind to you by helping your family cover unexpected expenses like funeral costs, unpaid rent, travel expenses, unpaid bills and more through a $5000 policy. This document explains the life insurance policy. We recommend that you keep it in a safe place and share it with your beneficiary. You selected your beneficiaries when you first became a member. If you need to update your beneficiary information, please click here.

Hearing Aides and Screenings

You can access 20 – 60% off hearing aids and screenings for you and your family through our friends at United Hearing Services, a full-service hearing aid supplier, with benefits administered by the HearUSA Hearing Care Network to over 4,000 providers nationwide. For a detailed explanation of the discounts and to download your benefits card, click here.

Movies and Entertainment Deals

Leisure and family time can lift you up and help sustain you through the hard work you do. These discounts will provide you with savings on the cost of movie tickets and rentals, theme parks, theaters, and sports. This benefit is also offered by our friends at UnionPlus. To access your benefits, click here and select “NDWA” as your union. You will need to create a new account on the Union Plus website.

Member-only Events

We hope you’ll join us for upcoming events for NDWA members only. We will notify you about members-only events through email and text message. To see all public NDWA events, click here.

Financial Counseling

During the coronavirus pandemic, we all could use some help with our finances. That’s why NDWA is partnering with TrustPlus, one of the nation’s leading providers of financial empowerment services and products for low income people. They offer a one-on-one financial coaching service over the phone to help people create a financial plan and do things like improve credit scores, learn how to handle debt effectively, find emergency funds and support, and more. They also have financial coaches who understand the needs of the immigrant community. And they can also provide advice and guidance for your children or other family member’s financial situations, too! To learn more, click here.

CARES® Online Training & Certification

As a dues-paying member of NDWA, you can now earn your two certifications in Alzheimer’s and dementia care and save up to $110. These courses are video-based and will teach you a 5-step approach for caring for someone with dementia, help you avoid injuries to yourself and to the person you are caring for, improve the quality of the care you provide, and make you more marketable as a direct care worker. It will also help increase your job satisfaction/reduce the stress that comes with not knowing how to handle difficult situations. This is a limited time offer! To learn more, click here.

Enhanced Vision Discounts

Need more vision care? This benefit can help you take care of yourself with discounts ranging from 5-60% on a range of vision services. You’ll need to enroll through our friends at Union Plus. To do that, click here and select “NDWA” as your union.

Dental Discounts

Teeth are important, and dental care can be expensive! This benefit can help you take care of yourself with discounts ranging from 5-60% on a range of dental services. You’ll need to enroll through our friends at Union Plus. To do that, click here and select “NDWA” as your union.