Before the coronavirus pandemic, many of us were one emergency away from a crisis, having been carved out of a social safety net generations ago. Now, Black domestic workers have been the first to lose income, and the last to receive support, if at all.

And in this moment, the call to action is crystal clear:

Decision makers at every level must act immediately to protect the lives and safety of Black people from excessive, brutal, and militarized policing, and to invest in Black communities.

We must build to become a safer, stronger, and more just country. We must ensure federal relief efforts reach Black domestic workers, and that domestic workers are at the center of our economic recovery efforts and plans to rebuild to create a future where all of us thrive.

If you agree, add your name below to call on our federal government and elected representatives to defund the police, invest in Black communities and invest in care!

Dear Member of Congress,


Across our country, people are marching in the streets with a clear demand for change. We are calling for policies that protect the lives and safety of Black people and invest in Black communities. Black domestic workers — the women who have cared for our families and our homes since the origins of this country — have always led efforts for change and continue to do so. Black domestic workers have organized for the safety of our communities, for jobs with dignity and respect, and are now continuing to share a powerful vision for a better future.

A living wage and paid time off for every domestic worker. The ability to afford housing, put food on the table, and work safely. This is our vision for investing in care, including the Black women and other women of color who make up the majority of the care workforce.  

I am calling on you to make this vision a reality by decreasing federal spending on police departments that are terrorizing Black communities and instead funding bold and far-reaching investments that provide much needed relief from coronavirus to domestic workers. Specifically, I call on you to pass legislation that includes:

  • Ongoing cash assistance that is inclusive of all working families regardless of citizenship status.
  • Premium pay for all domestic workers who are risking their safety to leave their homes and provide care
  • Rent and mortgage cancellation and other funding for affordable housing

Together we can create the world we seek by investing in what truly keeps our communities safe: the care that we all need. 




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