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Our city-wide worker relief fund, via Alia Cares (our alliance’s tech platform to support domestic workers!), launched on July 14! Around 60 domestic workers have already applied through our Philadelphia NDWA chapter, with a second round beginning soon. And, we’ve had a lot of different kinds of meetings lately, with attendance and membership growing dramatically at each one! We’ve hosted three different outdoor socially distanced meetings to meet new members in person, and we had a Know Your Rights training in early July to teach people about their new rights thanks to the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. We also launched a private Facebook group for all of our members to connect, since we can’t spend much time together in person! If you’re a domestic worker in PA and want to join, click here.

Washington, D.C.

The Excluded Worker Coalition, which we are a key part of, fought for $9 million for any worker excluded from governmental support — and won! Our members and many other excluded workers went to many Councilmembers’ houses (some more than once!) in the last couple weeks to bring the message to their doorstep — and resulted in the money staying in the budget, without any exclusions — open to any excluded worker. Make sure to like our Facebook page so you get updates!

North Carolina

The NC Chapter is throwing down for Federal COVID-19 relief federally and to conduct our own relief efforts locally. Over the summer, members across the state from the Durham, Raleigh, and Charlotte chapters pulled off two 30+ car caravan direct actions outside of Senator Thom Tillis’ local offices. Members conducted speak-outs and noise demonstrations demanding that the Senate take action to pass the HEROES Act to provide safety, protections, and relief for millions of care workers and essential workers. 

The outreach committee members of the Durham chapter also created mutual aid packs to support child care providers this month. Members conducted mutual aid outreach to several Family Child Care Homes to deliver much needed cleaning and sanitation supplies and talk to workers about We Dream in Black. 


Domestic workers are fighting to win inclusion and support in Florida. Recently, we’ve been sharing our stories including holding a virtual meeting with Senator Marco Rubio’s Secretary. We discussed the effects of COVID-19 on domestic workers, and asked his office to support the HEROES Act. Our members felt powerful after sharing their stories, and we’ll continue fighting to win!

New York – We Dream in Black

Over the past few weeks, WeDiB members have been involved in the fight to include domestic workers in the NYC Human Rights Law Intro 339. We have been demanding that NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson bring the bill to the floor for a vote. We have hosted multiple phone bank sessions, participated in a social media training, and are making plans to escalate our organizing if he doesn’t act soon! More information on how you can get involved so we can win is coming soon – if you’re in NYC, keep an eye on your email and text for more! 



We are starting to build a home for NDWA and We Dream in Black workers in MA. We have started by slowly growing our membership, with workers signing up to become members, and together, we are going to fight for dignity and respect at work.

We also conducted a survey of Black immigrant domestic workers across the country to find out how they are being impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Housing insecurity was one of the main concerns, with 65% of respondents reporting that they are at risk of eviction in the next 3 months. As a response to these concerns, we are launching a cancel rent/mortgage campaign in Massachusetts to end the evictions during this pandemic. People are struggling and deserve to be at home, it’s not safe to put people on the streets during a global pandemic.


Houston is one of our newest Chapters and it’s exciting to report that our most recent meeting had 20 participants and is growing! And our immigration campaign, Families Belong Together, unveiled a mural in Houston. The mural, painted by local Houston artist Nonso Ofili, is a tribute to Black immigrant women..

Northern California

Every two weeks over 50 domestic workers from two counties in California come together for our general membership meeting! They are powerful, creative leaders in their communities who represent countries from all over Latin America including El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru and a large and involved group of domestic workers from Nepal. Our meetings are held in Spanish, English and Nepali! Everyone enjoys learning from each other and demonstrates solidarity, curiosity and respect for each other’s cultures and languages. There is also a large group of house cleaners in our membership and a few are participating in the Fair Work, Clean Homes committee through the California Domestic Workers Coalition (CDWC) once a month. The San Jose Chapter is growing, and strong leaders are emerging despite the difficulties that COVID has brought to our communities. More than ever, workers are determined to fight for their rights and to WIN!


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