Tips for nannies

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Children generally don’t have as severe coronavirus symptoms as older people if they get the virus, but this is a new virus and we’re still learning about how it affects children. And, we all know that children come into contact with germs more than just about anyone else! Here are tips for nannies during the coronavirus pandemic:

  1. Ask that your employer inform you if anyone in the home has any flu-like symptoms or may have been exposed to someone who has, and wait to resume work until after a doctor has cleared that person for contact with others.
  2. All adults who will be in the home while the work is being performed should wear a cloth or disposable surgical mask if they will be in close contact.
  3. Practice – and teach – good handwashing. To make sure they wash their hands thoroughly, children can sing the alphabet song all the way through before they finish. Wash your hands when you arrive at work and before and after handling food, helping children with the toilet or diaper changes, or helping children wipe their nose or mouth.
  4. Limit exposure to coronavirus by stopping visitors to the home and any activities that would put you or the children in close contact with others. Discuss alternative activity plans with your employer.
  5. Time outside is important for children! However, as the virus can survive on hard surfaces, healthcare professionals are recommending avoiding playground equipment. Instead, think about outdoor activities that allow you and the children in your care to maintain a safe distance from others, like walks or bike rides.
  6. Support children to understand what’s happening with the coronavirus pandemic, respond to fear or confusion they may be feeling, and break down racist responses.
  7. Talk with your employer about backup care plans in case either you or someone in your employer’s family becomes ill.