Taking Care of the Pros who Power Angi Services

We believe you should be able to take time off if you’re sick without losing income, and that you’ll be covered by insurance if accidents happen on the job.  We know that you should be paid fairly because you work hard.  You also deserve a chance to provide input on the Pro experience. After all, Pros are the people who power Angi Services.

In the last ten years, the National Domestic Workers Alliance advocated and won basic protections and benefits for house cleaners and care providers all over the country.  Today, we’ve helped our partner organization NDWA Gig Workers Advocates launch the Angi Services Pro Initiative that brings “Pro” house cleaners in Florida, Kentucky, and Indiana benefits and opportunities to provide input on the Pro experience.

The Angi Services Pro Initiative will bring house cleaners

Task Force

Input on the Pro Experience

NDWA Gig Workers Advocates (NDWA-GWA) will negotiate on top issues impacting Pro cleaners with Angi Services, and we'll provide ways for Pros to take action and provide input on the Pro experience.

Take Action

$15 per hour, Guaranteed

You'll be paid at least $15 an hour for every cleaning booking you do, and Angi Services cannot decrease your pay any less than $15 an hour. In effect since April 1, 2021.

Push for More
Occupational Accident Insurance

Occupational Accident

If you get hurt on a Angi Services cleaning job, you’ll have health and disability insurance. Portions of your health expenses and your income will be covered while you’re unable to work. Coverage began June 21, 2021.

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Meet Iyesha

I’ve been doing cleaning jobs on the Angi Services app for 3 years. It’s been a good way for me to find work while I take care of my family. But doing this kind of work can get hard. When my son was hospitalized, I had to take off work to be with him. I canceled two weeks of jobs, money I was really counting on.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  We work hard, so I think we deserve to take time off without losing money.  I believe this program will make this kind of work better for many of us.

Iyesha Alston,
House Cleaner

The National Domestic Workers Alliance is the leading organization for workers who take care of America’s homes and families.

Together, we advocate for fairness and respect for Angi Services “Pros,” and all domestic workers in the gig economy.

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