Handy Pro Experience Initiative

Paid time off, guaranteed $15 an hour pay, and insurance is just the beginning.  Our partner NDWA Gig Workers Advocates (NDWA GWA) will continue advocating for Pro house cleaners through the Handy Pro Experience Initiative and Pros will have a chance to provide input on the worker experience.

NDWA GWA will meet with Handy HQ on a regular basis to raise and discuss the most important issues impacting house cleaners in Florida, Kentucky, and Indiana.  To make sure NDWA GWA negotiates the best solutions for Pro house cleaners, we are building a powerful community of Pros who can tell NDWA GWA what matters most.  Take action with our community today.

Take Action

Join the Handy Pro Experience Committee

NDWA's Handy Pro Experience Committee, made up of Pros, will advise NDWA-GWA in meetings with Handy. Are you a top Pro committed to making the Handy experience better for all Pros? Apply to join today.


Join Our Handy Pro Facebook Group

You can join a community of Handy Pros that can help answer your questions about Handy’s policies, help you navigate confusing app updates, or give you cleaning tips. This group is exclusively for Pros in the Pilot Program.


Drop a Suggestion in the Online Suggestion Box

Handy Pros don’t have a water cooler or a break room where you might find a suggestion box, but we know you have good ideas. So, how can Handy be better for you? Drop us a note here.

Drop a Suggestion

Here's How Pros Can Be Heard


The Handy Pro Experience Committee’s goal is to help NDWA GWA negotiate for a better experience for Pros, but they can’t do it without your input.

STEP 1 Pros share their concerns through regular online surveys, Zoom town halls, and the Facebook group.  

STEP 2 Based on what Pros share, the Handy Pro Experience Committee will advise NDWA-GWA on top issues and experiences.  

STEP 3 NDWA-GWA, with the assistance of the Handy Pro Experience Committee, will meet with Handy to discuss top issues and propose solutions

STEP 4 NDWA-GWA will report back to Pros on implementation of solutions and progress with Handy 

STEP 5 Pros will tell Handy Pro Experience Committee if their issues have improved

*The Handy Pro Experience Committee will not be able to help resolve individual cases.

The National Domestic Workers Alliance is the leading organization for workers who take care of America’s homes and families.

Together, we advocate for fairness and respect for Handy “Pro” cleaners and all domestic workers in the gig economy.

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