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Sign up today to enroll in the Healthcare Interactive Alzheimer's course to earn a nationally recognized certificate from the Alzheimer's Association! As an NDWA member, you will save 75% of the cost of this course! You'll get access to the full training package, valued at over $400 for only $100. You can do this training and take the exam on your phone or computer, on your own time, between now and the end of December. And as a special offer, you'll also receive 2 months of free NDWA membership!  

This package includes:

  • A three-part online training course that consists of Dementia Basics™, Dementia Related Behavior™, and Activities of Daily Living™.
  • An exam prep study book and worksheets to help you prepare and test your skills
  • An exam administered by Alzheimer’s Association - and, if you are successful, a certificate of completion of this program!
  • Ongoing peer support and connection. Through our Alzheimer’s Support peer to peer support, you’ll get support to study, prepare and a way to connect with others taking the course!
  • Access to all NDWA member benefits with ongoing dues payment ($5 a month after the initial first two months free), including trainings to develop your skills and know your rights, connection with other home care workers, a life insurance policy, discounts on vision and prescriptions, movies tickets and entertainment deals and much more!

This is a pilot program, only available to NDWA members - and for a limited time only. Sign up now!

By signing up, you agree to uphold NDWA's mission, vision, values and member agreements. Please review them closely here.


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