Expert-led COVID-19 training and certification

Are you providing care for the elderly or people with disabilities during the coronavirus pandemic? Do you want to make sure that you have the information and skills you need to keep yourself and your clients safe? If so, the COVID-Ready Caregiver Training and Certification is for you! The COVID-Ready Caregiver Certification was created by NextStep, a mobile-based training and job placement startup, working in collaboration with the National Domestic Workers Alliance. It’s a fast way for you to get COVID-Ready now.


Through the training you will:

  • Watch short videos that you can access from any device, 24/7
  • Learn from trusted authorities like nationally-recognized coronavirus expert Dr. Vin Gupta
  • Feel confident with National COVID-Ready Caregiver Certification
  • Stay current with free coronavirus (COVID-19) updates, including bonus training videos


Just use the discount code NDWACOVID when you sign up for the course, and your tuition is free!

Sign Up Instructions

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Remember! Use discount code NDWACOVID when you sign up for the course!

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Sign Up Here

Sign up for free on the Next Step website using the discount code NDWACOVID.

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**NOTE and disclaimer: NDWA is not a healthcare or legal services provider. These resources should not be considered legal or health advice. If you or someone in your family begins to experience symptoms of coronavirus, call your healthcare provider directly.